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The purpose of this website is to provide our vaping community of Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) an easy-to-navigate way to search and find recipes for making your own e-liquids at a fraction of the cost of pre-made mixes.

The list of recipes come from various sources from around the internet and is growing continuously.

Feel free to submit a recipe for everyone to share and try your creations... You never know, you could be made famous from your recipe :)

Remember - What tastes great to someone, may not taste great to somebody else. There are so many different e cigs or "Mods" at different voltages and resistances. That in itself can alter the taste of e-liquids.

Be sure to check out our Recently Added Recipes section to see the latest additions to the site!


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Battery amp limit calculator

Check out the Battery Amp Limit Calculator for all the people out there tinkering with making their own coils.

Grimm Green inspired me to make these tools available, all in one place, for everyone's safety when using things like rebuildable atomizers on unprotected mechanical mods.

Read This First

Some individuals have chosen to adapt the ingredients commonly found in e-smoking liquid and make their own varieties. The handling of pure nicotine and the chemicals needed to create e-liquid must be done only by those qualified to work with dangerous materials. Any information contained within this site is acted on at the user's own risk.

The E-Liquid Recipe website ( or myself cannot be held responsible for individuals causing injury or even death to themselves or others by following the information contained on this website.

Nicotine is a Poison!

The active ingredient in e-liquids is very dangerous in concentrated form and if not handled with care and understanding, it can be fatal. Before attempting to make your own e-juice it is highly recommended you familiarize yourself with what you are handling. Xeno from has written the Handling of High Concentration Nicotine Juice for Dummies guide which lays out the precautions that should be taken before and during the making of e-juice and when handling nicotine in any dose. Listed below are some excerpts from that guide.

  • If you have an IQ below 100 ("average" intelligence) don't even think of going near any nicotine liquid above 36mg
  • If you have children or pets keep your liquid somewhere where they cannot get a hold of it. On top of the refrigerator IS NOT a good place... any 2-3 year old with any climbing skills can get up there. LOCK IT UP!
  • DO NOT attempt to vape high concentrations of nicotine liquid. The liquid is meant to be cut down!!
  • When handling it wear protective clothing (rubber gloves, goggles/face shield, apron, even a chemical suit if you got it). If you get this stuff on you it can KILL YOU... at the very least make you blind (if you get it in your eyes) or make you extremely sick.
  • Be mindful of the pipets/syringes and other tools you may use for mixing. The nicotine residue on these tools would probably be enough to at the very least get a small child or pet really sick. Lock them up too.
  • If you happen to get uncut nicotine juice on you. IMMEDIATELY wash the affected area thoroughly. Don't wait until you are done mixing... GET UP AND WASH IT OFF!! If it gets on your clothes.. IMMEDIATELY remove the clothing, and get it washed off of you!
  • Use common sense
  • I would personally also recommend that anyone attempting to make their own e-juice take a look at InChem's Nicotine (PIM) page for a further understanding of nicotine and the dangers associated with it.

Happy and Safe Mixing!

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