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Vanilla Flavor Madness
Posted by: Blaze_352

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 2% Vanilla Swirl
  • 4% French Vanilla
  • 6% Vanilla Cupcake
  • 5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • 3% Bavarian Cream
  • 1% Whipped Cream
  • 1% Sweet Cream
  • 5% Vanilla Custard

All TFA flavors I hope you guys like it =)
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Too much flavour? Naah it's awesome!

- 7/18/2018

Looked like a way too, concentrate heavy, mix of everything with the name Vanilla in it but to be honest it kinda works. If like me , you just bash stuff together and hope for the best sometimes, you have happened upon a very nice combo young man.

Great addition to Tobbaco

- 3/1/2018

I use this recipe in some of my Tobacco mixes. I recalculate the %'s using the same recipe as posted. I may use this as a 30% base to my Tobacco so recalculation is required to make a single mix. Yea...its good !!!!

Vanilla madness

- 12/7/2017

25% vanila custard v2 per 10ml.
Awesome and not forgetting to omit the L and S

Amazing vanilla

- 5/13/2017

I was worried about too much flavoring but some reviews said trust it. After making this full flavor and tested it... I was glad I did. I couldn't even imagine this half flavor. It's a vanilla hay daze of delicious. If you want a full flavor vanilla in every puff... this is your flavor.


My new adv!

- 5/4/2017

I made a couple of adjustments becaise i didnt have 2 of the flavours. But turned out amazing! Thankyou so much for this recipe its my new adv!

Good Flavor

- 3/12/2017

I change the mix around adding the vanilla custard as the top flavor. This is my favorite juice to puff!

Dont care what you call it

- 1/23/2017

Its just Vanilla Heaven for me.Its in my regular rotation love it

Are you sure these percentages are correct?

- 12/30/2016

This adds up to 27%..are you sure these percentages are correct?


- 9/7/2016

Omfg. This is supposed to be about a Review of the flavor, not a bunch of bickering over the name and some douche bag and who the F cares what he says.
Ask me if I care, ?
The Flavor is Good,? that's what I care about .


- 5/5/2016

Although you can't COPYRIGHT a common phrase or name, you can TRADEMARK one. It's done every day, and is usually limited to a product class or industry.

But I agree... Leave the dude alone. His recipe isn't causing anyone hardships or profit loss. So back off and let him be.

Besides.. I am a fan of anything vanilla!

Brickhouse is a douche

- 12/1/2015

That is all. Haven't tasted the flavor but can tell it would be good.

omg please

- 11/19/2015

vanilla madness is a long time flavor of Saffire a well known vape biz. anyone can use the name


- 11/5/2015

So brickhouse i apologize but unless you have legal documentation on the the copy righted name of you're juice he can call it whatever he wants you hold no grounds to try to make him change his juice name i also have a vanilla madness juice flavor and im not trippin on him oh and mine is legit made in an iso6 lab and under my llc so leave the kid alone if you want any further conversation from me my email is

Great Mix

- 9/17/2015

I made up 30mls of this and it's great! :) It will only get better with a 2-3 week steep (if I can leave it alone that long) LOL!

You cannot trademark "common" word(s)

- 9/7/2015

Sorry douche, cant trademark common words regardless of how many "common" words you put together. Lol. Nothing about that name is Original so WHY would you claim it. Well there goes your 2 days of fame. And again who is the juice company again?


- 7/22/2015

First juice I ever made, love it! Second batch I added 4 drops vanillin in a 30ml size


- 4/18/2015

Glad you all like it, even you Brickhouse!! Happy Vaping

brickhouse ejuice

- 4/14/2015

Co owner of brickhouse we ended up removing the flavor from our juice line. He told me it was more the name not this recipe. We did try this one though not bad.

Does Brickhouse own

- 4/13/2015

This looks like a great recipe I will try very soon. Brickhouse is an idiot I suppose if he has a juice with the word milk in it that would belong to him as well. Notice he did not claim that this recipe was stolen from him just the name. Maybe he is mad because this is a much better recipe than his seems like everybody likes it.

f*** brickhouse

- 3/23/2015

Brick house liquids?? Never heard of you. Some dude trying to claim a f***ing vanilla madness name like it takes a f***ing GENIUS to think of vanilla and madness and put them together in one word...what a joke


- 3/22/2015

Kinda wish Brickhouse did have a legit business ... Only so I know never to order from them.... Really look at every company they all have a strawberry cream & so does all DIYers .. Now that I said that just made this Tasty Vape thanks for sharing


- 3/20/2015

Names are what they are. Call it what you want. Its the internet I doubt you will loose any sales just cause this guys name is the same


- 3/19/2015

Did know a a name like that could be copyright.

E Juice

- 3/17/2015

Is The name Vanilla Madness Copyrighted ?

ADMIN: No it is not

bit better

- 3/17/2015

I would go for a full change adding an s doesn't really call it a name change.

ADMIN: Okay, last time... changed it to Vanilla Flavor Madness. I tried searching for you on the web, but only found a Facebook listing only (not even a page, just a listing). Also, I searched "Vanilla Madness ejuice" and I found several out there, but not yours.

copy of my juice

- 3/16/2015

Copied my company's juice name please change it.

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: Vanilla Madness is now Vanilla's Madness

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