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TNT by Time Bomb
Another Clone by Juiceman

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 9% Strawberry Ripe (TFA)
  • 4% Juicy Peach (Cap)
  • 7% Double Apple (Cap)
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Loving This

- 3/28/2018

I have not had the original so i have nothing to compare it to However this stuff is great. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Really have enjoyed it

Not quite

- 11/13/2016

I made it, and I feel if you use (Tfa) juicy peach, brings it real close to TNT.

Strawberry ripe????

- 6/19/2016

3 stars on this one! If you lower strawberry ripe down to 7%! I cant handle 9% srawberry ripe in anything! Im going to say the key to hitting this one spot on is with Strawberry-TFA. This recipe is still useful

Not TNT, but close to M.O.A.B

- 5/1/2016

Unless there is something wrong with my concentrates, this is not like the TNT that I've vaped hundreds of mls of. It's one of my all time favourite juices, so I'm being critical here. I've been comparing both side by side.

The strawberry is way too forward, which leads me to believe TNT is actually more peach-centric, or that it uses a different strawberry flavouring. The smell of TNT is much sweeter and I can't pick out the individual fruits (esp. strawberry) in the smell or the taste, unlike this recipe.

Now the reason I gave this recipe 3 stars is that it's really similar to Clutch Vapor's M.O.A.B. If this was supposed to be a clone of that juice, it would be 5 stars. It's almost identical.


- 4/13/2016

My first go at making my own juice and TNT is my adv so I gave it a shot. Vaped it a few hours after making and it is very, very close to the commercial even though I made it max VG. Can only imagine it getting better after steeping a week or so! Highly recommended.

Great Stuff

- 2/27/2016

I've never had the commercial version, but I just made my third 30ml of this recipe. Great stuff.


- 2/1/2016

Absolutely delicious!! My new favorite ADV.

Great TNT recipe!

- 1/26/2016

Really good recipe. Could vape on this all day. I definitely will make more of this!


- 1/7/2016

Your not kidding this is TNT. I just made this have not even steeped it yet. Just dripped it to test. Right on the mark. I am making 60ML to steep a week and this should knock my socks off. Thanks so much! A most steal. :)

So simple

- 12/18/2014

I can't believe how simple these 'best selling' recipes are. Any Joe can buy basic Dekang flavors and mix them and get the same results at a fraction of the cost. I bought this stuff before for 12.99 for 10 ml.. I get Dekang juice at 1.99 10 ml.. Just mix Dekang juice and get the same stuff that sells for 5 times the money.

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