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Suicide Bunny Original Bunny Clone
Posted by: Dirk

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 10% Vanilla Custard TFA
  • 7% Cake Batter CAP
  • 4% Sweet Cream TFA
  • 4% Bavarian Cream TFA

Total of 25% Flavor and I make it about 35/65 PG/VG and 12mg.

I found this recipe on another website and refined it. Vaping side by side I feel it's real close.  I know taste is subjective but it's a great vape either way.  I'm a big bunny fan so I welcome your comments.  My steeping method is to use a milk frother after mixing, let it sit in a bowl of hot water until it's thin then froth again, repeat about 3 or 4 times then throw it in a mini crock pot for 4 to 6 hours.  Then I put it in a brass tumbler (I build bullets too ;). )for a day and then I wait a couple more.  Comes out delicious in about 4 days this way.  Hope you like it!
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Great Clone

- 9/17/2017

I have been making this recipe for about 8 months now. I have vaped it side by side without the real one and there is no differenc. I let it steep for a month before I vape.

Banging Taste

- 7/2/2017

This was one of the first recipes I made. Well happy with the result, it is hard to put down. I couldn't find Capella Cake Batter so I used FW Cake batter dip. Cured for a week, tastes great. never tried the original liquid & don't think I ever will. :)
smashing recipe, thanks for posting it

dx version?

- 1/21/2017

thanks for the recipe! before i order the flavours for this, has anyone used the dx version of bavarian cream to make it?

Great vape

- 11/20/2016

Great vape as expectted. I don't have sweet cream but sudstituted whipped cream and added sweetener AR .5%. Thanks for sharing

it's good

- 9/28/2016

I made this a few weeks ago. Cake batter takes a while to age. The first week or two there is "nailpolish" chemical taste, that's cake batter. After 4 weeks the vape is great. Simple recipe, high %s can't go wrong. good one

Pretty Good

- 4/7/2016

I made this about 7 hours ago & am now giving it a test run. Pretty good. I too, like max VG so I used the percentages you posted. If it's as good next week when I come back to it, I'll make it again. I think it's going to be very nice though.

Just Great

- 3/8/2016

I love this. for those who know it, its very close to the Duke.


- 3/3/2016

never tried the official juice so cant comment on how close it is to the original, however this is a very nice creamy vape made 100ml of this and i love it, this is now my all day vape! thanks Dirk

Griffdog touches little boys

- 2/19/2016

Griffdog you must have experience in cupping your own farts and smelling them to use that analogy. Is it because you like to smell what your boyfriends lewve behind after they run up in that ass? You must be poor too to whine about wasting a little bit of flavoring. That's ok, maybe you will get that big promotion at Walmart from door greeter to customer service. Now, go crawl back into your double wide trailer and cup some more farts. Then go under your sink and drink 3 random liquids you find under there. Thanks kid.

Griffdogg is a IDIOT

- 2/3/2016

Griffdogg is a Idiot. This unintelligent waste of air needs to go eat a bag of dicks. This douche will see more than a few rounds of buck shot coming at him with that stupid talk of his.


- 2/2/2016

Love this vape...thanks for the recipe!!!

Sounds super yummy

- 2/2/2016

I am going to give this a mix but i feel the CAP vanilla custard is where the OB is at not TFA.
I've given this recipe 5 stars due to basically knowing this is going to be a great turn out well done

OB original bunny

- 1/31/2016

This recipe taste pertie guud if I had a gun tumbler id point it at you with a load of buck shots for putting this bullshit up here. It tasted like I cupped a fart and inhaled it! Thanks for helping me wasting my concentrates you OJA (Original Jack Ass)

Really good

- 1/23/2016

I just made this I didn't have all ingredients so I used what I had an it turned out very similar to ob! I used cake batter, sweet cream, an vanilla cupcake. I'll use the ingredients you used when I get them!


- 12/9/2015

I made 10 ml of this stuff.. really nice and creamy..I didnt have the bavarian cream just used regular cream instead..came out great

Answers to your questions:

- 12/6/2015

I'm so glad most of you like this recipe as much as I do. In answer to you questions:

robthegob: Cut the flavor percentages back as needed if you add any PG to the mix. I make mine with as much VG as possible so I bump the flavor up to the max.

Cam: if you click on the blue tab on the left side of your screen labeled "Abbreviations" the administrator has links to all the flavor companies used here and where to buy the flavors.

Alpha Jack: If you google "milk frothier" you should be able to find one from somewhere like for around ten bucks. As for the brass tumbler... well it's fun but not necessary for the recipe.



- 11/1/2015

This sounds great, thanks, where do I get a milk frothier and brass tumbler?

Where do you buy these flavors from

- 9/14/2015

So im really interested in making my own batch. Where do you buy these liquids to make the O.B clone?

Still the best

- 9/13/2015

I have tried lots of recipes. Your clone is the best by far.

has fingernail polish taste

- 9/4/2015

It would b a awesome vape if it didnt taste like it has a finger nail polish taste in it.

Not bad

- 8/25/2015

So I wanted to try this recipe and did not have cake batter. I used yellow cake instead and liked it very much. Thought I would make it again when I got some cake batter. Yellow cake imo is much better.

Thanks for this recipe.

The One

- 8/9/2015

Some of the best juice I've ever vaped!


- 8/8/2015

I am very impressed! I find this recipe to be really spot on, I actually said "wow!" out loud when I took my first puff. Well done!

Good, But Could Be Closer

- 8/6/2015

I'm not to say your recipe isn't great or even close. I believe your on the right track and the flavor is great using exactly your recipe. I'm working on a recipe right now to post up as an OB Clone.

I cloned the OB last night and had it exact for exact, you literally couldn't tell the difference between my recipe and OB next to each other. However, I'm getting too much inconsistent results to post a recipe, but I believe this may be a little bit on the closer track to the exact taste of O.B.

7% black cigar
5% sweet cream
10% cake batter

I'm going to experiment more, if you have some flavorings laying around, let me know if you think it's any closer to OB.

Really good

- 7/14/2015

This stuff is great nice job with this one


- 6/3/2015

Spot on flavor didn't have TFA'S custard used Caps V2 custard taste great thanks!

Where the strawberry?????

- 5/22/2015

No strawberry?
ANSWER FROM ADMIN:This is not the Mothers Milk recipe... This is the ORIGINAL BUNNY.

Great Vape!

- 5/17/2015

Tastes great!

Great Vape

- 4/20/2015

Love this stuff.

Great Vape

- 4/16/2015

This really comes close. I actually like this recipe better than original bunny. It has a way better vape and the flavor is spot on. Well done Dirk.

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