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Smurf Jooce
Posted by: Jimmy Hope

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • Cap-Sweet Strawberry- 9%
  • Cap-Blueberry -10%
  • TFA-Sweet Cream - 5%
  • TFA-Dolce De Lechee- 2%
  • TFA-Vanilla Swirl -3%
  • TFA-Sweetner- 1.2%
  •  liquid Ethol Maltol- 1.2%

I originally started off with just Strawberry, Blueberry, Sweet Cream, And Sweetner but the creaminess just wasnt there like the Smurf Jooce I originally bought!(I say smurf jooce so i dont use the vendors name).. so anyway after a few revisions I upped the sweet cream to 5 and found DDL adds a nice flavour aswell! the vanilla swirl also adds to the cream and compliments it! anyway, i found this amount and mix of TFA sweetner and EM to be perfect! its sweet but not to sweet! perfect ADV ... please if u make this then review my recipee if you can I would love feedback! and this recipe took me a month to get it here so its not just random %! theres a reason why some % are the way they are! I really hope someone makes this and see's how killer it is!
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Love this recipe

- 7/21/2018

I love blueberry vapes and this one hits it out of the ballpark.

Pretty Good Juice

- 10/2/2016

I have never tried the original. I just mixed 60mls and did the shake and vape in my Mad Hatter. I think I will cut back on the flavors a little next time. Nice creamy vape but too much blueberry for me (taste is subjective of course). I like it. Great job!

Top shelf ADV

- 5/14/2016

Very smooth after just one week steep, this on my ADV rotation.

Repeat ADV

- 5/1/2016

I make four 60ml bottles of this at a time. It has been my adv for weeks. I purchased four ounce bottles of all of the ingredients because I use so much of it!

Thanks for the recipe

- 2/4/2016

Didn't have exact match on all of the ingredients but seemed to get it close to the original. Definitely something I can vape all day. And it beats the $1 per ml price for sure!

great stuff

- 7/28/2015

If you are a Dripper cut all of these Flavors back 25% which gives it approximately a 77/23 vg/pg ratio. Personally i like higher vg but this was my first attempt at this recipe and i must say it has a great combination of different notes. I have mixed hundreds of recipes and this one is great. Thanks for posting it. Happy Vapes:)
gonna try cutting it back 50% just because i like my juice thick and with more subtle flavors.

Good Stuff

- 7/11/2015

Made a 10ml sample. So far so good. I lowered the strawberry to 6% and blueberry to 6.6% to keep % at 20%. Will give it an extra 5-6 days to let flavors meld...if it last that long.

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