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Posted by: Revelation Vapor

This recipe is for a 6mg/ml nicotine but can be changed to anything you like. The nicotine base I use is 100mg/ml in 100% PG. remember that nicotine at that level is deadly if mishandled and can be absorbed through the skin ( ware latex or rubber gloves).  I assume no responsablity for people's stupid mistakes and mishandling of nicotine.

With that the recipe goes like this the ratio will be.
PG/VG ratio  60/40
Flavor total 3.92(13.05%)
Drops per ml. 35
Strength 6mg
Total amount this makes 30ml

  Ml Drops %
Nic 100mg (100% PG) 1.8 63 6
PG 12.27 430 40.9
VG 12 420 40
Ethyl  Maltol 0.02 1 0.05
Vanilla in PG 0.15 7 0.5
Extreme Ice 0.45 16 1.5
Menthol 0.38 14 1.25
Smooth.(TPA) 0.08 4 0.3
Sweetener (TPA) 0.02 1 0.05
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 0.15 6 0.5
Western (TPA) 2.7 95 9
Totals 30 1057 100

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