Kritikal Mass

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Pom Bomb
Posted by: Poyn2Ohmyvayp

OMG! Ureka! This is so good, you have to try it! You will thank me.

To your preferred VG/PG/Nic base, add the following:

  • 7% Pomegranate (LO)
  • 7% Blueberry (TPA/TFA)
  • 3% Sweet Cream (TPA/TFA)
  • 2% Sweetner (TPA/TFA) 

Mix it up and give it a shake and vape, it is really good. I made it and vaped it and it was just what I've been working toward! I just wanted you to have this, so I guarantee you will need more of this. It's a simple recipe, but sometimes those are the best.
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- 3/18/2016

Mixed it, vaped it, vomited in my mouth. Went down the drain. Nothing in the recipe to take out the pomegranate floral taste.

Wow, Great Vape

- 12/16/2015

I just mixed this for a customer, and Wow, using Lorann Flavors Pom and BB, excellent and Sweet Cream from Flavor West. Thanks for posting such an awesome flavor.


- 10/14/2015

I HIGHLY recommend this recipe. I started out with this recipe when I first started mixing. Only thing I advise is to double the sweetener to 4% where as it brings out the flavors SO much more where as they were clouded up by the sweet cream before. But besides doubling the sweetener to 4%, I give this recipe 5 stars and im still using this recipe a month later!

Can't find sweet creme without diacetyl

- 6/23/2015

I'm chomping at the bit to try this recipe but I can't find sweet creme, it looks like a lot of producers dropped it due to diacetyl. Anyone know where I can find some without the nasty stuff in it??

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: Here you go...

Pom Bomb rocks

- 5/2/2015

used loranne for Pomegranate and blueberry too used flavor world concentrates used 7%, 7%, 3%, 2%. Gave it a shake and started vaping. Thanks for sharing

Wow superb

- 5/2/2015

I used Lorrane for Pom and Blueberry. And Flavor World Concentrates for the other 2. Shake vigorously and start to vape away!

Great flavor

- 4/7/2015

Nice site. Thank for the recipe. Thought it would be too sweet but was pleasantly surprised!

very nice

- 3/29/2015

I really like this. Great job. Definitely pretty damn tasty. (:


- 3/28/2015

looks like Andromeda...very good berry juice

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