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Mothers Milk Clone (as close as it get's) !!!
Posted by: sahveti

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • Caramel candy like flavor of your choice 4%
  • Ripe strawberry (CAP) 4%
  • Bavarian cream (CAP) 3%
  • Sweet cream (CAP) 2%
  • Vanilla bean ice cream (CAP) 4%
  • French vanilla (CAP) 1%
  • Vanilla custard (CAP) 1%
  • Graham cracker (CAP) 1%
  • Sweet lychee (CAP) 0.7 %

Let it steep for a week at least, enjoy.
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Damn good

- 8/24/2018

I have never tried the original. This looked like a good recipe so I thought I would try it out. I think it is awesome and it has not even steeped yet. Thank you. ADV for sure!

Really great..

- 4/8/2018

Best ever


- 12/6/2016

C'est vraiment trés bon


- 11/11/2016



- 11/11/2016


- 11/9/2016

Thank you it's not bad at all :)

Not mothers milk

- 11/2/2016

The real recipe for mother's milk was leaked and this is no where near it

right on !

- 10/12/2016

the nearest ever..

Nowhere near

- 7/13/2016

I'm not here to slate people . But this mix is nothing like mothers milk. It may be that I'm doing something wrong but I've mixed it up numerous times and tried and I'm not getting the mothers milk. Like I said, I may be doing something wrong so I'm open for advice

not sure....yet

- 7/7/2016

not nearly enough Strawberry I don't think, Ispeed steeped it 4 hrs but I will leave it another week or so see how it develops, but first impressions are definitely not enough Strawberry...

What caramel candy do you use?

- 6/30/2016

literally as close as it gets

- 5/23/2016

alright so this is my first time making vape juice and i chose this one because i love mothers milk e-juice. I just bought a new tank and when i finished making this juice i put a little in the tank to try it out... mind you i have mothers milk by suicide bunny in the tank i just took off. anyway i tried the juice without letting it steep (considering i just got everything in the mail today) and even freshly made without it steeping, it is spot on!!!! to the person who created this recipe i thank you, you are a vape genius for cracking this super delicious recipe. just a tip for anyone like me the recipe is super easy if you do it in 100ml increments. 50ml vg 25ml pg and get your nic in vg i like six nic so i did 6ml nicotine and the percentages were done in ml super easy and super delicious but please someone if i am wrong correct me. either way it came out great and tastes just like what i was vaping before. thank you again whoever posted this.


- 5/22/2016

I've just mixed using PA flavourings. Don't know where the mint flavour sneaks in? I used half the amount of caramel and half the amount of French Vanilla. Of course the Sweet Lychee was CAP as PA/TFA don't do one, will keep you updated to how it turns out! Bet it's nowt like Mojito lol

Mojito ???

- 5/18/2016

If this recepie taste like mojito for you,then i don't know what to say my man. Go and use your tfa mojito and don't bother with this.

TFA Mojito?

- 5/17/2016

I made this recipe with TFA flavors...
If you ever got "mojito" flavour from TFA, I think this recipe is almost like that one... maybe add a bit of strawberries and you're home free, so why go through all the trouble? :)

Mothers milk

- 5/14/2016

Cheers Neil. I'll give it a whirl. I've jigged it around to 70/30 instead. It's currently steeping away.


- 5/13/2016

Danny, if you want a 20/80 PG/VG mix, the combined total of PG in the flavourings are 20.7% so if you use a VG nic and mix the remainder base liquid just VG then you are as good as bang on just , 0.7% over on the PG.


- 5/12/2016

Without sounding dumb, can any one explain the ratios. I've put these exact flavour percentages into a load of ejuice calculators with 20 /80 pg vg end ratio but it says i can't do it. Too much pg apparently.Any advice appreciated.


- 4/19/2016

El mas parecido mothers milk que he probado!!!


- 4/19/2016

Very, very close to Mother's Milk

very nice

- 4/2/2016

lotta flavors goin on

sweet strawberry

- 3/18/2016

Yes you're right it's sweet strawberry of course and not ripe strawberry.Sorry my mistake,glad you all enjoy it guys.


- 3/16/2016

Are you sure these are all capella? they dont do a ripe strawberry?

looks good!

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: Ripe Strawberry is a TFA flavoring, but Capellas Sweet Strawberry would be another option.

Real deal

- 3/15/2016

Congrats man closest one I've tried also the lychee gives that one mysterious note that no ones been able to get down.. Props to you sir.. I've always thought it was coconut or peach but I've nailed it on the head. And of course thanks for sharing it with the community very much appreciated and well done

The closest ever m.milk clone i tried !!!!

- 3/3/2016

Almost spot on,really great recepie.

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