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Morning Tobacco
Posted by: GUMPY

Ingredients needed:
TFA-Kalua & Cream
TFA-Turkish Type
TFA-Gingerbread Cookie
Tobacco Absolute
Pure Grain Alcohol
VG Nicotine

  1. (With all 3 of these mixes, you'll want to shake extremely well) Begin by making a 50%/50% dilution of the Tobacco Absolute & Pure Grain Alcohol, call this TA Dilution.
  2. Next, make a mix of 90% Vegetable Glycerin & 10% Marshmallow, call this "Marshmallow Blend".
  3. Next, make a mix of 99% Marshmallow Blend & 1% TA Dilution. This creates your "Marshmallow Tobacco Blend".

Final Recipe:
Create your preferred VG/VG Nic Base @ 80%

  • 5% Marshmallow Tobacco Blend
  • 5% Turkish Type
  • 5% Kalua & Cream
  • 5% Gingerbread Cookie

If you have any questions, please post them and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Question for Gumpy

- 1/8/2017

I tried this mix with cheesecake graham cracker flavor in place of the pastry flavor u suggested. Did I mess it up? Its good but could it of been better? This recipe reminds me of JC Tennessee Cured clone. If you Know how to make that please let me in on it. I'm fairly new to this. Thanx


- 11/1/2016

The marshmallow can be swapped out with "Ethyl Maltol"(TFA Cotton Candy). Tried the swap out using EM, and replaced the Kalua & Cream and Gingerbread Cookie with 5% Caramel Candy and 5% Cinnamon Roll, both from Flavorwest. After only 12 hours of steeping, the flavor is amazing. Just a suggestion if you happen to wonder upon this recipe. Cheers!!!


- 10/30/2016

Sorry folks, but I neglected to mention that you can substitute Ethyl Maltol(Cotton Candy) from TFA in place of the Marshmallow if you so desire. I do that quite often and it's really good. They both will serve the same purpose for STEP 2. Also, in the FINISH MIX part, which is the last step, you can substitute any type of rich bakery flavor such as "Banana Nut Bread"(TFA) or "Graham Cracker"(TFA)for the "Gingerbread Cookie". Just have fun with it, but keep in mind the richer, bakery type flavors work better here.

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