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Monster Melon Clone
Posted by: Jposton

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • TFA Cantaloupe 9%
  • TFA Mango 8%
  • TFA Papaya 10.5%

Taste like Cuttwood's Monster Melon
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- 3/28/2018

Made it according to the recipe, tastes very nice. Never taste the real one, but this is a really nice vape.


- 3/5/2017

TFA Papaya at 10.5%? That is so much butyrate it'll paralyze your olfactory system. You'll be smelling black pepper for weeks

I make this a 5%

- 1/4/2017

These percentages are high I make this at 5% for all 3 ingredients and tastes amazing no need for the extra percentages..


- 10/13/2016

At 5 % you get no flavor and its not even close to the original at 5%. Do the recipe % just like he has it.. If you want to have 98% clone ejuice.


- 9/14/2016

I ordered in all Ingredients in 30ml bottle size to give this a go to see if I liked it, tried the original and loved it, once I had my stuff I made up 100ml 60/40 mix and made all at 5% and loved it, in fact I killed 100ml in 3 days.


- 4/4/2016

First batch as written, was delicious. Read reviews, reduced flavors to 5%, was a little light in flavor (used all ingredients I had) so added Watermelon 5%, love it. Thanks for sharing, happy valuing.

Reduced %

- 3/17/2016

Reduced flavorings to 5% was great

To much %

- 3/12/2016

Cantaloupe TFA 5%
Mango TFA 5%
Papaya TFA 5%


- 3/2/2016

This mix is WAY TOO much %. You need to drop all 1/3 and the Papaya by 1/2

Get but try...

- 2/10/2016

this is great and all but if you were to try 5% of each listed, its closer to monster melons! Just a suggestion! Ive been mixing that for months now!

excellent job

- 1/30/2016

My compliments to the poster. This juice is a must try no matter what your preference, (dessert, fruit etc) I may need to make this one a lower nic level cause I have been chain vaping all day...

Great recipe!

- 1/29/2016

Cuttwoods Mega Melons is one of my favorites and with this recipe I cant tell the difference between the clone and the real thing. I love it!

Good recipe

- 1/9/2016

Very good recipe. Saw a similar on pinter estate but this is as good as Cuttwoods. Sure will be better after steeping. A+

Oustanding...Very close to original

- 11/4/2015

I really like this recipe. It has become one of my two all day vapes. Shake and vape is ok, but a magnetic stirrer and some heat to force steep makes it better. Everyone I've shared it with agrees that it's extremely close to the original.


- 11/2/2015

I have never had Monster Melon but ever since I saw a description of it I have wanted to try something like. This is an excellent tasting juice. Whether it tastes like Monster Melon I'll never know. I am wondering if I could add a little honeydew to this as well because I am dying to try the honeydew and think it might blend well with this at a low percent. THANKS for your time with this one!!

had better

- 10/10/2015

i tried this exact recipe. ordered all the flavors online. spent $130 and honestly the "astro clone" is much better.
i made dude, astro, moon sugar, and this one...of the 4 this is my 2nd favorite.

Nice Vape...

- 8/26/2015

This is as close to Cuttwood's Mega Melons/Monster Melons (they changed the name) that I've ever come across. This is my EDV...I can't get enough of it.


- 8/22/2015

I feel if you add TFA sweetener, and change all percentages to 6%, it's spot on. Just my opinion.

love it

- 7/27/2015

Just a side note if you wipe it and he heat it tastes even better.

Very nice!

- 7/27/2015

Great recipe!Tastes Just like cuttwood.

Taste really good!

- 7/26/2015

Thanks for the recipe I've never tasted the cuttwood but I do know that this is a really great vape

Very good

- 7/15/2015

I've mix this and let it steep for a couple of days. This is to me, better then cutwood :))

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