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Lost Fog - Neon Cream
Posted by: chris

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice

  • 6.75% Rainbow Sherbert (TPA)
  • 3.25% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
  • 4.25% Orange Cream (TPA)
  • 1% Key Lime (TPA)
  • 1.5% Boom (FW)
  • 1 drops Ethyl Maltol per 10ml

Steep for at least 1 week for the perfect clone, but will shake and vape if desperate.
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Great Vape

- 4/23/2017

I've never tried the original but after making 10ml of this, I instantly made 140ml because I think it will go quick. I did have to make a slight substitution, as I was out of orange, I lowered the Orange by 1% and used blood orange TFA instead. Love the outcome!

Way offff

- 4/7/2017

This is nothing like the original .

Very good

- 3/29/2017

U tried many recipes without success.
This one is very close to original.
I vaped it as a Shake and vape.
It's unbelievably tasty.
So I expect to turn gorgeous after 6 days.
IMHO I think that the addition of 1% Capella's Sweet Raspberry is the only needed component.

It's good, but...

- 11/19/2016

... it's not quite Neon Cream yet. I'm getting too much orange and not enough sherbert.

I also think I'm going to add some berry flavouring to make the fruit flavour more rounded and less orangey.

Good start to build from though, thanks very much!


- 8/15/2016

This makes some OK juice but it is definitely not a 1:1 clone.

I'd try removing the Bav Cream and put in more EM and TPA - Lemon Lime

Very impressed

- 8/4/2016

Brewed this as my first ever attempt at a recipe, very nice straight away. Feels that when the cream steeps this will be a perfect 1:1 clone. Nice work!

Hard to put down

- 7/23/2016

I never tried the original, but this make some good juice. I use ultra clean organic nicotine so on all recipes I cut the flavor 50% same here. A shake and vape is really good if it gets better after a steep I don't have enough stars to give out.

looks like hell of a juice

- 7/22/2016

it's seems to be a good one. Question though - what can be a replacement for rainbow sherbet?

Neon cream clone

- 7/15/2016

This is bang on love this clone!!!??????

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