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Locutus' Coffee Infusion
Locutus' Coffee Infusion

This recipe is not listed in percentages due to one or more flavors have nicotine included in them

If you want a juice that tastes EXACTLY like a cup of strong black coffee, this recipe is for you.

Coffee Infusion Process:
You will need:
  • Small bowl with deep sides
  • 2 paper coffee filters
  • Folgers Gourmet Supreme Coffee
  • PG 0% NIC juice

  1. Place the two coffee filters in the bottom of the bowl. The bowl I used is an old Pyrex one with deep and steep sides.
  2. Measure out the same amount of coffee used to make 10 cups of coffee. In my case, it was 3 level coffee scoops worth. Put coffee ground in filters.
  3. Pour the unflavored PG over the coffee grounds until it is about an inch over the grounds.
  4. Place the bowl out of the way and let it sit for THREE days. There is a huge difference between 2 and 3 days. At two days it looks like weak tea-at three days it looks like coffee or Coke.
  5. Place a large funnel into the container you want to store the juice in. I my case it was a drinking glass.
  6. Gather the sides of the coffee filters and quickly transfer them to the funnel.
  7. Pour the liquid that is in the bowl into the grounds to make sure it is filtered also. Coffee grounds may fall into it during the transfer process.
  8. Let the liquid drip from the funnel into your container for a couple of hours to maximize the amount of liquid.
  9. Remove the funnel and discard the grounds.

This will yield about 100ml of the coffee infused liquid, which is the base for the following recipe.

Locutus' 10ml 24mg Black Coffee Juice

  • 2ml 100mg/ml PG Juice. Mine came from Levy at Xtreme Vaping.
  • 3ml unflavored 0% PG or VG. I used VG for the extra vapor.
  • 5ml of the coffee infusion.
Shake well and vape.

Full credit goes to Dr. Vapor's Russian Tea recipe, which was the inspiration for this. My infusion process is simpler, I think. No cutting up tea bags.

The recipe above dilutes the coffee infusion by 50% and it's still plenty strong. For those with 36mg/ml NIC juice, I think you can dilute it down to 40% and still get a 24mg juice and a good coffee flavor.

I didn't add anything to this to sweeten it. I have added a couple of drops of stevia liquid sweetener to a Chinese coffee juice and that seemed to work pretty well.

After a while the above recipe started getting a little too strong on both the coffee flavor and the nicotine, in fact, I was actually getting a nicotine buzz from it.

I added about 1/2ml of VG and two drops of unflavored stevia extract, plus one drop of vanilla creme stevia extract to the mix. The result is much smoother and tastes like a cup of sweetened coffee with a hint of creamer.

I'm also finding that the effect of the nicotine at 24mg/ml from high quality USP nicotine is much greater than the same level in the Chinese juices. A better quality perhaps? My recommendation would be to mix to a lower percentage and try it first, leaving some room in the bottle in case you need to add more NIC juice.
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coffee at last

- 5/16/2014

only 4 stars because I haven`t tried this yet, but have tried many coffee extracts and haven`t found the "one" yet Will try this with my fav coffee and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration and thought.

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