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Honey Pearry Clone
Posted by: liquid81HLM

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

All flavors TPA

  • Pear 6%
  • Honeydew 3%
  • Strawberry 3%

It's that simple!
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- 1/19/2017

How long is the steeping time?


- 1/4/2017

If you add peach (juicy) it makes strawpearryoucey which uses one of my best flavors but if u apricot instead of peach then u end up with another perspective of this very adv juice that's bound to be swallowed lmfao


- 6/17/2016

shake and vape impossible, tastes like a soap in your mouth. let it steep for a month and it did get better but still for me is too strong the pear flavor. at the end, gave to a friend that liked it. so might be simply my opinion

Great Flavor

- 5/29/2016

This started out a weird, muddled mess. I had to forgive the honeydew for being too strong and the throat hit was massive. But within a few hours, this has settled down into a sweet, fruity melon vape that I can hardly put down. Thanks.

No mention of sweetener

- 1/12/2016

So after reading the comments and seeing the flavors I bought 120ml bottles of each flavor because this looked like a winner.

With no sweetener shake and Vape the juice has that awkward dry taste to it. Was wondering if there is anyone using sweetener with it?

I ended up using 2% of sucralose in it to fix the dry taste. After a week steep on the 30ml bottle I made the juice is OK. It sure isn't anything special that's for sure but its not bad.

I'm gonna play around with this and see if I can make it better. That pear flavoring is very pronounced like it needs another flavor in the 2-3% range to help smooth it all out

Flavoring Used

- 10/27/2015

I used all TFA flavors and it came out great. I Don't know the originals taste, but this is awesome.

Good but...

- 10/25/2015

Hi there...may i know the manufacture cmpny for the flavour?

the best one i've done so far

- 10/19/2015

it taste is very very good. I have tried some recipes but this one is the best. thanks for ur recipe.

Waghih's Brewer

- 9/9/2015

No need to add sweetener for this combo? have you guys try to add apricot?


- 8/11/2015

Nice recipe i like it 5 stars

Great clone

- 7/30/2015

Great as it is . I added 1.5 ml of circus cotton candy for more sweetness. 2 hot baths and 5 days later its awesome. ( but I like it sweet)

Good Stuff

- 6/26/2015

I hate to be one of those folks that say I haven't had the original, but I never have. I will say this one is super simple and awesome. One of my new ADV's!

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