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Grants Vanilla Custard - (a different approach)
Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 3% French Vanilla (Cap)
  • 3% New York Cheesecake (Cap)
  • 4% Vanilla Custard (Cap)
  • 1% EM

Shake well after mixing and leave in dark place with top off botle for an week.. Then Magic begins
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- 4/15/2017

This had got to be the best tasty simple custard recipe I've tried. I'm wondering what it would be Luke with 1.5% sugar cookie ?? ??

Really Good

- 3/8/2016

I found FA vanilla custard is better than the cap flavour... steep time needs at least 2 weeks to get the very best from this


- 11/7/2015

Could I leave out the "EM"?? I don't use fake sweeteners. Is there anything else I can use??

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: I prefer to use liquid Stevia... It is plant based. You can find it at GNC Stores. The brand is called Nu Naturals.

Can't .. stop .. consuming!

- 8/3/2015

I changed it a bit as I use max vb base.
7% French Vanilla (Cap)
5% New York Cheesecake (Cap)
8% Vanilla Custard (Cap)

I then added:
4% Milk Chocolate Toffee (Cap)

and let it sit in the cupboard uncapped for four days ( shaking twice daily ).

I absolutely love this mixture. One of my all time favs.

15 or 10 ml bottles

- 6/11/2015

Is this clone for a 10ml or a 15ml ???
Thank you

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: Percentages are percentages. You will achieve the same taste whether your making 5ml's or 500ml's.


- 5/29/2015

Best recipe I've ever tried out


- 5/18/2015

In 3 weeks, I've made 480ml of this. It's incredible! I boosted everything by 3% because I'm otherwise all VG, but the blend is perfect! Thanks!


- 4/23/2015

This is my ADV thanks to you! I love this so much. I had to make 250ml just so I could have some set for a week. I like it both fresh and steeped. Very good, Thanks for the share!!


- 3/28/2015

What is EM?

ANSWER FROM ADMIN: EM is Ethyl Maltol - a Sweetener


- 2/19/2015

I tried this recipe again after my first attempt ended in a shattered bottle. I boosted each flavor 2% since I use high VG. Turned out great. I made two bottles and added 2% Capella cinnamon danish to one. Both were outstanding. Great recipe

Smelled great!

- 2/5/2015

Tried this recipe. Waited the full week with the top off like you said. Got it out to try it and dropped it on my granite counter top. The bottle shattered in a million peices. I was bummed to say the least. The smell of it was a five star!I'll try it again.


- 12/24/2014

This is why I began mixing! Fantastic blend my friend! Thank you :-)

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