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Claim Your Throne Clone
Posted by: rebel197736

This is my version of claim your throne by suicide bunny....all TFA flavoring. 4 hr crock pot steeping, which imho is good to go when it cools off, then a week in a cool dark place for the flavors to get happy. Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 12% Butterscotch
  • 6% Sweet Cream
  • 4% Vanilla Custard
  • 3% Brown Sugar

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Looks good from overview. If you want a clone read this:

- 11/28/2017

I have not tried this. So i can't really comment on if it's any good or not.
The issue with clones, are that they almost are impossible to replicate at times. Some are more easy than others.
Personally I have managed to replicate 3 diffrent juices.
If you happen to have a juice you want cloned, just let me know. To make a clone I would need a sample of the actual juice to be cloned. So if you are serious about getting a clone of the juice you want, I could try and assist you as much as possible. I'll do the research, get your input on the juice. And I'll try and match it up to the real deal, as close as I can. But since I will be using my own flavors for this, I only think it's fair to charge a fee for this tbh.
Now I have about 250 diffrent flavors, so there is a huge chance I have the flavors needed for a clone. But like I said, for me to start using my flavors for making this clone, $ would be helpful.

That being said. Nobody can ever give a guarantee that it will be accomplished. I can on the other...

Not good

- 2/19/2017

Needs serious works, does really taste like soap

great recipe

- 12/10/2016

i did change two things i used 5% butter scotch and 8% vanilla custard and left the other flavors as is and a one week steep

Nice Flavor

- 8/2/2016

This is a good flavor, and I used Flavor West flavors to make it, no steep time at all. I would up the Vanilla Custard and maybe lower the butterscotch. I make a lot of flavors that have butterscotch and vanilla custard, and this is a good one, thanks for the recipe. :-)

CYT Clone

- 4/6/2016

Sorry to say but this is awful. Made 3 batches. First has been steeping 3 weeks. Put it in my sub tank and could only stomach 3 vapes. Way too sweet and an odd soapy twang. As far from claim your throne as you can get but thanks for the effort

Soapy taste

- 2/22/2016

I use this recipe in my nautilus, kayfun and lemo 2. After reading the comments on soapy taste I decided to try it in a aero-tank mini and an evod clearo, Soapy taste! perhaps the taste is more because of the gear than the recipe? My nautilus, KF and Lemo are exquisite with this recipe. Just a thought....

Blown away !

- 2/19/2016

I started vaping "claim your throne" but it got way too expensive. This recipe is extremely close if not dead on! I absolutely love this recipe!

Great Juice

- 10/8/2015

Love it 100%

Very Close

- 9/24/2015

I tried the recipe exactly as prescribed. And I too experienced the "soapy" flavor. To be fair though, I didn't give it much time to steep. I vaped it right away. Then left it open in a cool, dark place while continuing to vape it every day until it was gone. It wasn't unvapable AT ALL. But it never really completely lost that soapy throat hit either.
I thought it might be a little too much flavoring so I reduced the Butterscotch to 10%, the Sweet Cream to 4% and increased the Vanilla Custard to 5% while leaving the Brown Sugar alone. That dramatically reduced the soapiness, but still wasn't where I thought it should be.
My next attempt was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Here is the recipe with steeping instructions that worked for me. Please try it and see if it's what you're going for. I haven't vaped CYT in two weeks, so I can't do a side-by-side. But I CAN say this is by far the best flavor I've made and possibly the best flavor I've ever had.

Final Flavor Values:
Butterscotch - 8%
Sweet Cream - 3%...

CYT Clone

- 9/17/2015

I've tried this recipe it's ok but I've swapped out the sweet cream for bav/cream and lowered the sugar by 1% and it perfect for me just like to say thank you it was a good starting block for me

My favorite of all time!

- 8/15/2015

I have never tried the original. Very soon after begging to vape I figured out the cost to make ejuice and thought I was being robbed so I now make my own.
Let me tell ya,by far this recipe is the best


- 7/11/2015

I mixed as close to recipe as possible. CAPELLA for sweet cream and vanilla custard. I did 6% nic, (Xtreme Vaping), and 50/50 (also from Xtreme Vaping). Ive been cooking mine for 14 hrs in a cup of water on a candle warmer with the cap on the bottle, shaking periodically. no steep. real good recipe! i find it to be just like the original. despite what IGOR'S 77 one star reviews from the same person would indicate. good work THX!

Not even close

- 7/11/2015

Vaped this side by side, sorry to say this is not close at all. Try bring the butterscotch % down by half

Great base

- 6/17/2015

I mixed this as is except switched the butterscotch with TFA candy caramel and added 2 drops of TFA RY4 this is awesome! No soapy taste at all!

Great Vape!!!

- 5/29/2015

Vapes side by side very well with the original. I will never spend 22 bucks on a bottle of the King's recipe again! Thank you for taking the time to post this!!!

Delicious recipe

- 5/29/2015

Better than the real stuff. I make it max VG and use a crock pot to get the flavors to mix. Good Job!!!

Well done

- 5/29/2015

I love this stuff!!!

My toughts after two months of making others people recipe, never again.

- 5/28/2015

O i had TPA/TFA Butterscotch. Whole 10ml flavor bottle and i spend it on this recipe. Because i couldn't believe it is bulls..t seeing how much people saying its good. Now i finally figure it out that people that giving this good review never vaped Claim your throne, at least not from Kings Crown line.
Now i have to wait another one and then believe me i will get clone, which this recipe isn't.
Problem with me is that people so easy put recipe on web. Problem with me is that people say that something is great and then i have to trash 10ml of nothing. After two months of DIY-ing i have only one great recipe everything else went to trash. People should called recipe vapable, not great. Not even one clone here is real clone and half of them is not even vapable. For god sake that Chronos clone is unvapable.
All Mothers milk recipe from here don't have anything with mother milk. Half of them are vapable. Only recipe that could call its self a clone is recipe from Calcobra98.

9% capella sweet strawberry

Again more more thing

- 5/28/2015

And by the way, i made at least 30 of my recipe, from my head last two months. Only one went to book, it is vapable, but it is not for web. All other 29 went to trash.
So just imagine me putting all those 29 mixes on web and calling that good stuff. Just imagine how much people will trash their supply.
For god sake people,do you know how much Pip made recipe before she had five flavors. 180 went to trash before she had line.
So stop wasting people DIY supplys because you wasted yours.

IGOR: NO ONE IS you!!!

- 5/26/2015

Igor: I'm not sure why your panties are in such a bunch that you continue to screw up this contributor's rating. Why don't you just order another bottle of $22 Claim Your Throne and stop being such a wanker??? Here is your admission of ignorance: "I don't have butterscotch here and now, but as soon as i get it i will mix my Claim your throne and probably would be better." If you don't even have the ingredients that are listed "here and now" then what hell are you vaping "here and now"??? If you are not following his recipe then how can you continue to complain??? I think it's time you give up and make your own. Post it here and we can dissect it to death and complain about your inability to make one poster happy. Also please don't be so ignorant to assume that those of us who have paid $22 for a bottle Claim Your Throne and are vaping this side by side don't have an opinion of how close it is to the original. I prefer to make Rebel's recipe at max VG which gives it a lot more vapor and a much smoothe...

Bad taste

- 5/20/2015

Taste's like SOAP Need's work.
Smell is good taste is bad.
Done with this , I will not try again.

Somebody is b..... us

- 5/5/2015

I am now pretty, pretty sure that people that put this recipe on web have never tried Claim your throne. Also those that giving this good reviews never tried CYT. or somebody is playing with us and wants to put us on wrong path. What i know after mixing two batch and vaping HERE AND NOW Claim your throne is that butterscotch is way over. It is so over that i am confused how this people are vaping this perfume smell. I don't have butterscotch here and now, but as soon as i get it i will mix my Claim your throne and probably would be better. Also VAPING HERE AND NOW Claim your throne i am tasting butter, not butterscotch. So knowing that butterscotch is made from butter and brown sugar i also doubt that pip even used butterscotch. Mixing 24/7 for the last month, my recipe would probably start with sweet cream, butter, and little brown sugar. Also what i am strongly believe is that pip using Capella. But Capella dont have brown sugar or butterscotch so i am confused a little bit there. BUT like i said this rece...

One thing more

- 5/5/2015

I forget to say, there is nothing subjective in tasting Claim your throne. It is clone and so it should taste like real thing.


- 5/1/2015

my exact recipe i use every time i make a batch of 30 ml,
3.6 ml butterscotch
1.8 ml sweet cream
1.2 ml vanilla custard (v1)
.9 ml brown sugar
All TFA flavorings, giving me 7.5ml total flavoring. 12 ml of pg/nic 12 mg and 10 ml of vg. 4 hr crock pot a week in closet. Everytime i make this, this is how i do it. I dont get soapiness nor have i heard of anyone saying it taste soapy. Taste is subjective, very subjective from the sounds of it.

Answering Igor's Plea

- 4/28/2015

Igor - I am with you . I tried various combinations of this recipe but it needs serious work. I guess there is not enough demand except you and me to get more people involved, but i am seriously considering putting up some $$ for a proper clone recipe. I email you btw.

Soapy taste - too much pg

- 4/27/2015

People are wondering why their juice is soapy. Well dont add in any pg and you may of calculated the flavor percentage incorrectly. Also for the people using heat or any other way to steep.... Well it's ok if flavors are alcohol based, but otherwise I don't recommend it.

my email

- 4/27/2015

Here is my email, ,please contact me because i really need some help with this, considering steeping and everything else.
I am posting my email so we don't have to give stars every time when we want to post reply's.

Help please

- 4/26/2015

Nobody would be happier then me for this to work. Claim your throne is my ADV.
I didn't want to offend anybody. I just need help because i am confused.
First. DO you use TPA Brown Suger Extra?
That is the one that i use. All other flavors are TPA also.
Do you leave cap of and if you do how much?

Don't know

- 4/26/2015

That's weird, desperately want to get this right - my first batch has been steeping for about 3 weeks now and still have that soapiness. I'm going to keep on at it though - can't understand where I'm going wrong

Dont Get It?

- 4/25/2015

Soapy? I have made this recipe for a whole lot of people and have never heard that about my juice, just goes to show how subjective the taste is.I measure in ml according to percentages not drops, been doin this a while. STILL my ADV for me!

Still a fantastic vape and very close to the original

- 4/24/2015

I have had no problem mixing this recipe exactly as it is posted. I use all TFA flavors, MyFredomSmokes nicotine at 100mg per liter, and VG from the liquid barn folks. I add the ingredients using a graduated cylinder for the perfect measure , set my beaker in a bowl of hot water to thin the mix, then use a milk frother on it for a couple of minutes. I repeat this process several times before bottling it up and either give it a couple hours in a crock pot or just let it set in a closed bottle for a week or two. My mix comes out about 35/65 PG/VG and at 12mg nic. I have never had any soapy problems with this recipe. I vape the heck out of this stuff and it has the fragrance of maple syrup when my wife smells it. I know it is a little off from the "Kings" version but I actually like this better. This recipe has a more rich/less dry taste than the $22 a bottle stuff. Keep trying I'm sure you'll figure it out!!

The problem with these recipes

- 4/23/2015


The problem with this site is most of the posters probably measure by drops, which is highly inaccurate.

Before you mix it again, cut every ingredient in half. Then taste it. You may have to adjust it a little, but that's half the fun right?

I dont know what is wrong

- 4/21/2015

Ok here it is. I see a lot of people give this recipe good reviews, in fact great. I made 2 x 20ml. They have different VG/PG manufacturer. I want to see will it make difference.
After 21 days with close cap, all i have is soapiness in both bottle. Then i took one bottle and start to heat and mix with cappuccino mixer but still all i have is soapiness.
I pureed back e-juice to bottle after mixing and after one hour i return to smell pot where i mix it. The left overs in pot smelled just like "Claim your throne"(original is my ADV, so i know).
So i don't know what to do next. I really believe this recipe is good but i don't know what next. By the way i have 1ml syringes so i followed recipe spot on.


- 4/5/2015

Found this to be very soapy - not sure why, will ease off on all the flavours and keep my fingers crossed - I'm waiting for it to steep for a while to see if soapiness goes

Any other reviewers who mentioned soap find that it went ?

Better !!

- 3/27/2015

I mixed a second batch using 14% / 4% (see my previous review) and it came out MUCH smoother. Steeping is absolutely needed. 4 or 5 days min. Great flavor!

Excellent - Minus the Sweat Cream

- 3/16/2015

Great Mix. I would go easy on the sweat creme. It produces a soapy taste ( as mentioned by other poster). Otherwise great recipe and ready to vape right after mixing. Can't wait until it steeps.

30/70 mix with 3 % nic cap and tfa flavors.

what is the ratio

- 3/12/2015

Is this a 50pg/50vg recipe. Thanks I appreciate the response in advance

REPLY FROM ADMIN: All the recipes on this site are listed so you can make the ratio of vg/pg/nicotine as you desire. Use the link on the top of the page for the eJuice Me Up Calculator for your desired mix.

Big Thank You

- 3/3/2015

to the few that have tried this, thank you so much. Everyone that tries it says they like it better then original. The flavor stays with the bottle whole time. Have to say that the whole DIY ejuice community has been amazing. Thanks again!

Better than a throne!

- 2/28/2015

First of all this is a great vape! The first time I tried this I didn't have brown sugar so I used caramel. Wow... not too bad! I finally got all TFA flavors and a bottle of the "real" claim your throne to try. I have to say I like this recipe better. I found the King's version to be a little dry after vaping this version. Great job on this one and thanks for the ADV in my rotation!!!


- 2/24/2015

Mixed 100ml out of a 30mg vg base to a 3mg 70vg/30pg final product.

My first reaction was a little "soapy" probably due to the sweet creme / Custard blend. I wanted a touch more butterscotch flavor and a little less on the sweet creme. Not a bad start at all though,. I will let this steep for 4 days and start a mix with 14% butterscotch and 4% swwet creme to see if that reduces the "soapyness",....


- 2/6/2015

Good mix. Never tried the original but this is very tasty!

great stuff

- 1/27/2015

I like this better than the original keep up the great work man

Not bad....

- 1/27/2015

a little intense on the butterscotch but has a good flavor -- just made it so ill let it sit for a few and get back to it -- but not bad!!

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