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Cereal Killa Clone
Posted by: Kwess671

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 2% FA Hazelnut
  • 3% ECX lemon
  • 1% FA Orange
  • 1% FA sweet tangerine
  • 1.5% FA bergamot
  • 2% FA meringue
  • 2% FA yellow cake
  • Sweetner 1 drop per 10ml

It's the closest clone in smell and taste.  None will be disappointed.
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- 2/26/2016

Ive mixed similar stuff and its good, add a little FA Fruit Rings and you're looking a little better. But you all complaining about buying the flavors in bulk, first off that's your fault lol buy them in normal sample sizes like everyone else taste can be opinionated. Second, those are all staple flavors for a DIYers collection. Fruit loops is a hard ass flavor to clone obviously and I bet yours is full of harsh lime like Cereal Killa actually is and gross after awhile


- 8/8/2015

Bergamont tastes awful at that percentage. This recipe is garbage and anyone who says it is not is insane or have taste buds that have been destroyed.


- 7/26/2015

Really is nothing like cereal killa. Sad. Got bulk of all favors b cause I assumed it would be good, judging by others accounts. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Great if modded

- 7/5/2015

FA Hazelnut 2%...that's why people are saying it tastes like cheerios, I would go with .5%, or I just subbed it out for FW 1%.

Sweetner 1 drop (.25%-.33% @ 10ml)...I am using sucralose and I like 1-2% depending on mood.

I also added 5% fruit circles with milk (TFA).

beerd is a moron dont listen to him

- 3/6/2015

if you dont believe me you can pay the shipping and ill send you a 5ml bottle of this mixed perfectly Beerd is obviously a moron with zero functioning taste buds you can compare this ti the q liquid its trying to clone and thats south 9 vapes cereal killa. tastes nothing like it. tried steeping this recipe about 40 different ways and there were slight changes in the flavor but still nothing like the south 9 cereal killa. for future reference DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING BEERD POSTS ABOUT HE IS A MORON WITH ZERO FUNCTIONING TASTE BUDS. either that or he works for south 9 vapes and wants you all to waste your money on flavorings while he sits back and laughs


- 2/28/2015

The one star raters are morons. This is spot on CK. Or as close as one can get. Except!...Do not use FA Hazelnut. You must use Flavorwest.

taste great changed it up a little...

- 2/20/2015

1% sweet cream
and .5% orange

this is a copy an paste of a wrong recpe

- 2/13/2015

this is one of the several recipes trying to clone cereal killa you never made it and this one is one of the fail recipes DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BUYING FLAVORS FOR THIS GARBAGE RECIPE YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED

way off

- 2/10/2015

this is almost a mix of fruity pebbles and honey nut cheerios. I have tasted clones way closer than this

Good but....

- 2/8/2015

This is a great vape. I have mixed it a couple different ways. But this tastes like fruity pebbles, not fruit loops.

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