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Betty (Clone)
Posted by: silentvape

All FW but the smooth
It works better if you start with a sweetened base.

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • Sweetener 4%
  • Strawberry 5%
  • Pear 2%
  • Kiwi 3%
  • Pineapple 2%
  • Cantaloupe 2%
  • Guava 2%
  • Grapefruit 1%
  • Watermelon 2%
  • Peach 1%
  • Smooth 2% (tfa the only one)

I've worked on this for a long long time,it's almost it.enjoy plzz let me know.
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- 3/26/2017

Not bad but to person defending how diy recipes are not even close to original.ok one taste is subjective and you can get close to same final result using different recipes completely.original creator should feel sense of accomplishment that this many people like his juice enough to try and recreate it.thats admiration and flattery ya dont need to defend him

Not even close

- 12/4/2016

I know Tim Stark the owner of Pinup, & I can tell you that this isn't even close to right flavors. There is a reason Tim is so successful, but good luck.

Betty clone

- 10/27/2016

My friend who owns a vape ( e - juice ) company makes a very good Betty clone
I think it's called miss November
Im not sure of the ingredients but it's a spot on clone

Better Betty

- 9/8/2016

I recently found this Betty recipe, gonna try this one out asap... Looks perfect but it is A LOT of flavoring, but im sure Betty uses a TON, even the 2 part FF and SS recipe is 25% total flavor... Lt me know how it goes for you if you try it too...
0.5 ml Golden Pineapple CA CA
0.3 ml Blackcurrant FA FA
0.3 ml Sweet Strawberry CA CA
0.2 ml Forest Fruit FA FA
0.2 ml Sweet Mango CA CA
0.13 ml Oba Oba FA FA
0.1 ml Pina Colada CA CA
0.1 ml Marshmallow FA FA
Additive (s)
0.2 ml Sweetener

Betty Boop

- 9/7/2016

This mix is good... I like the Forest Fruit/Super Sweet mix a little better... For 30ml I do 3ml FF and 2ml SS, but now im thinking of adding in a little extra Kiwi and Strawberry to that after this trying this mix...


- 8/7/2016

A lot of premium juices are 1, 2, or 3 flavor mixes.

Betty is not just 2 concentrates.

- 7/12/2016

To everyone saying that betty is just FF and Sweetener. You are 100% wrong, stop spreading this garbage around. I have thousands of ml of actual betty. You guys aren't even close when you say that. You get the base flavor down with forrest fruit and that's all.

FA forest fruit

- 7/9/2016

Betty is FA forest fruit and sweetener

Only 2 ingredients in betty

- 5/13/2016

Try forest mix or forest fruit by flavor art and a ton of tfa sweetner and a little ms and u have betty. I have tried it and it's about 95% spot on.


- 2/29/2016

Replace watermelon with cotton candy, use sweet gauva instead of just gauva, take cantaloupe down a little and add bubble gum

In my experience

- 12/21/2015

Betty by Pinup is only two concentrates
Forest Fruit FA at 8-10%
and for an exact clone 15% sweetener, but I'd tone it down a lot to not fry your coils.

Where's the Ethyl Maltol?

- 10/6/2015

Any Pinup juice has to be loaded with Ethyl Maltol. That's why all their liquids burn and spoil cotton in under 1 or 2 days of use. It's absence is a glaring omission.

Loved it

- 9/18/2015

Great juice, perfect recipe.

Not Even Close to Betty

- 7/15/2015

I gave it 3 stars only because it did resemble another ejuice I like which is Celtic's Keeva.


- 7/10/2015

This recipe has to be the worst ejuice recipe I've made so far. It is nowhere close to even being called a betty clone!! Do Not duplicate

Great base

- 7/5/2015

I used this as a base/starting point with a slight mod and added 5 flavors and haven't had one person dissapointed most blown away but like takeaschmidt said how a local shop was selling it makes too scared to post it. Even unmodded this is an excellent all day vape, but modded it could be an all week vape.

Dig it

- 6/28/2015

A friend told me a local shop makes this as one of their house juices (by the same name even...come on at least get creative people!) and named a few of the flavors in it. So after searching and finding this recipe I made them up a bottle and sure as hell they said thats it lol. I enjoyed it a lot, and so did they. Theres a lot going on but it's good stuff!


- 6/12/2015

better than the org. great the same day gets even better days later.I made 120 mls

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