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Posted by: Juiceman

This was my first attempt at a clone and DIY in general.  I chose to clone Elysian E-Lixirs Ambrosia.  The result was astonishingly close to the original!

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • 12% Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 (Cap)
  • 2% Vanilla Cupcake (TFA)

I also added
Ethyl Maltol crystals (crushed) 0.05 g    

I'm not sure if the EM is necessary.  It tasted just like it before I added them, however I felt the real Ambrosia had a bit more body or thickness feeling on the tongue. 

Let me know what you all think!
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This is it!!!

- 4/14/2016

Ok this is an update to my post from yesterday. I feel I need to explain for all you DIY peeps in case yur a newbie and there aren't many who are forthcoming with the process so enjoy.

I use "Monarch" PG/VG because I find it hands down the best available without the salad taste I get from so many liquids out there. EM IS NOT necessary and in fact scares me a little so many put this in their juice as it has not been tested on its effects to the lungs, not to mention it's highly unnecessary. Remember KISS

Here is the exact way to fill a 30ml bottle with a 3mg Nicotine level, remember to wear gloves!

1. Add .9ml of 100percent PG nicotine
2. Add 2.5ml CAP New York Cheese Cake
3. Add 1.5ml FW Cinnamon
4. Add 1.5ml CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
5. Add 3.5ml Monarch brand PG
6. Swirl around in bottle to mix these ingredients.
7. Add 20ml of Monarch VG
8. Shake vigorously for several minutes
9. Fill a pot or bowl up with the hottest water you can get straight from your sink,...

Not the correct recipe but good non the less

- 4/12/2016

I tried this next to actual bottle of Amdrosia and it was way off... After several weeks of trial and error I found the right recipe...

2.5ml CAP NY cheese cake
1.5ml FW cinnamon
1.5ml CAP vanilla bean ice cream

No other site has this recipe and I've fooled even the most stringent critics at a vape show this past weekend. This is the recipe and has the right desert combination that goes into the real desert. I promise you won't be disappointed like I was when trying it with cupcake. That's not even what the real desert is made like.


- 6/25/2015

I've found 1.5 percent tfa marshmallow is the key to adding much needed thickness to any dessert flavor ??


- 4/13/2015

Any "up grades" since your original recipe?

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